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Over the years there have been many prophetic words and an increasing desire to have a room set aside for devotion to God. In February 2011 we opened what we now call the Sanctuary. Our desire is that it will be a place set aside for worship and prayer, a place in which you can reach out to the heart of God, feel his presence and capture his essence for us.

Since it has opened we have prayed more as a church than ever before, people have come in to seek his face for hours on end, given up holidays and committed themselves to weekly sessions. We have not appealed or pressed the issue – this is something that God is doing among us, stirring our hunger and passion for him. There have been many prophetic words over us as a church that we will be a house of prayer and worship and the sanctuary is part of the outworking of that.

Currently there is regular prayer every day Monday to Friday from 9–10am.  Everyone is welcome.

Please see the time table for sessions that you would like to get involved in or if you would like to run a session please see Simon or Philippa Baddeley.