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Hi, my name is Sue Ozzard.  I have been married for over 30 yrs and have 2 grown up girls plus a bouncy cockerpoo dog!  I was part of the initial team of 3 who set up Little Acorns September 2000.  In the first year of opening my youngest daughter attended here with me; and I was a childminder as well.  Whilst working I have gained my Foundation Degree in Early Years Care and Education.  I am now the Practice Manager and SENCo for the group.  I love my job.  I love the team spirit we have cultivated here and working with the children – seeing them grow and flourish.  They can be very entertaining too!  I enjoy offering support to parents as well as I know how important the support of others is.



My name is Anne Clowrey and I am the Setting Manager.  I have been here at Little Acorns from the very start in September 2000 !

I am married and am very proud to say that we have 6 beautiful grown up children and 11 adorable grandchildren! (I am anticipating having MANY more grandchildren from the date of writing this!)  I think therefore it is safe to say that I like children!

As a person I am rather scatty – a bit worrying as I do a lot of the admin here!  I love working at Little Acorns – the staff are the most amazing and committed group of people.  I love meeting all the families that come and go through Little Acorns.  I love meeting them in Tesco when the children have left and are “all grown up”.  I love that at Little Acorns we provide a lovely, warm environment for the children at this crucial time in their little lives.

[Note from Sue… Although at times Anne may be a little scatty she is also highly organised and has put so many systems in place to ensure the setting works well… so no need to worry, we all love our lists here]!


Hi, I’m Emma Lucy. I have been at Little Acorns since 2005.  I am a mum to 2 grown up children.  I am Deputy Manager and the group’s ENCo; this involves making sure everyone feels welcomed and valued.  I come from a large diverse family and feel that family is most important.  I therefore hope that every family that attends feels supported and cared for.  I like to be fun at Little Acorns and the children often call me a ‘silly sausage’!!




Hi – I’m Debbie.  I have been involved with Little Acorns almost from its start.  I clearly remember the first Nativity Play when I was narrating the Christmas story.  We had decided on the day to bring in some hay to make the scene more realistic.  It ended up with the hay going everywhere and chaos reigned while I pushed on through to the end of the story. (The show must go on!)  It was hilarious!!

Over the last 30yrs I have also worked at Motcombe preschool where my younger son had attended, volunteered at Little Monkeys and had 2 periods of working at Little Acorns.  In 2005 my husband and I volunteered for 3yrs in Romania including a Mother & Baby Care Home (and for a short time at a baby hospital – which was a very emotional experience).  We have 3 grown up children and 4 lovely grandchildren and I will never loose the wonder of watching little ones grow and establish into happy secure people.


Hi I’m Tina, AKA (tinawinarunnabeena) (To the children!!) I am originally from Dorset (Bere Heath, Wareham).  I’m married to Nathan and have two wonderful and different children, Jamie and Bonnie who both attend Shaftesbury school.

I moved to Shaftesbury in 2002 and shortly after had my first child. Part of my journey into parenthood was, at the time very isolating, I was soon to be told about Little Monkeys Toddler group.  During that time, I found the support was my life line.  Several ladies, including Pam (Little Acorns Staff) provided an impartial listening ear and I also received much needed love and affirmation for several years.

I have also been that parent who has entrusted my two precious children into the hands of Little Acorns to care for, love and protect both of my children.  Having not previously left them in the care of others before, presented a massive hurdle for me.  However Little Acorns working in partnership with Little Monkeys helped greatly, having the continuity of care with Pam as a familiar face was such a benefit.

I qualified as a childminder NVQ Level 3 and shortly after helped out as Bank Staff at Little Acorns which then lead to a permanent position from 2009.

I believe every child should have the opportunity to have their voice heard. My aim is to support every child to have the confidence to be heard, understood, and valued.  As a young child I was so self conscious, I would not ask for help for that would draw attention to myself.  From my personal experience, I feel, if I have helped one child to slowly overcome the hurdle of low self confidence to speak out, then I have done my job well.

I love learning about behaviours what can be the trigger and what ways and how behaviours are displayed. I have seeked out, and attended many parenting courses including Incredible Years Challenging Behaviours and ASD specific.  I have experience in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder as my son has a diagnosis of ASD Aspergers and is also visually impaired.  I also have attended a course run by Autism Wessex.  I love to learn and find out about challenging behaviour as I have, and still have, my fair share to manage (part and parcel of being a parent).

I find all aspects of child development fascinating and feel privileged working with your children and being part of such an amazing team of people.  We are all able to ask and learn from each other contributing a vast array of knowledge between all of the members of staff here at Little Acorns.


My name is Mel, I am married and we have two wonderful children, two rabbits and a cat! My children both attended Little Acorns, I loved it  so much that I decided to come back and work here!! I’m so pleased I  did as I’m very lucky to work with some fantastic people who are so  kind, caring and supportive both to me and also to all the families  who come to the Pre School.  I’ve been working here since 2014 and have  been a 1:1 support worker, a role which I have found greatly  rewarding.  I am now a permanent member of the team and I’m looking  forward to meeting some new little faces really soon!


Hi – I’m Jayne (also called James or Jamie by some of the children!)  – I have been married over 25 years and we have an awesome teenage son who attended Little Acorns as a toddler.  I always felt he was very well cared for and supported during his time at Little Acorns and both he and I loved the staff.

I have been involved with Sunday schools and youth camps since I was 18 and whilst my son was at pre-school I qualified as a childminder and did childminding for a year, then a job opportunity at Little Acorns came up and I am glad to say they took me on.

During my time at Little Acorns I have done my NVQ Level 3.  I love working at Little Acorns, the staff are caring and supportive both to the children and to each other.  It is a true honour and a privilege to be part of the team.

I love my job, who I work with and the children and families and feel it is a gift and an honour to be able to work with children, interact with them and watch them grow.  They truly are inspiring and I learn something new every day.


Hi. My name is Pam. I have worked at Little Acorns Pre School since 2004. I have worked with children for 41 years, first as an Infant School Teacher (B.Ed Hons) and then as a full time mum to my three children. My children are all now adults and I have three grandchildren.

For many years I led Little Monkeys Toddler Group at Father’s House and I have been involved with Sunday School and Holiday Clubs.  I love doing anything practical and Arty crafty and music (you will often find me at a Cliff Richard or Olly Murs concert!!)


Hi I’m Lucy. I’ve been with Little Acorns since February 2009 at the age of 17, starting as a volunteer.  I was so excited to finally get a job after 3 years and be apart of the Acorns family.  I have so much to thank Acorns for as a person, progressing from someone who had hardly any confidence to where I am now, being proud to say I have achieved my level 3 diploma in childcare.

I am the second eldest of 6 siblings, and I currently live in Shaftesbury with my other half of 6 years and our cat called Rodney, (who is my fur baby).

I would describe myself as a happy, kind, smiley, approachable person and I feel children are naturally drawn to my fun, loving, young at heart character.  I’ll very much look forward to meeting you and making your little ones smile, laugh, and grow and will be a positive role model as they start their Little Acorns journey with us.


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