Many of you will know of Paul Skelton in connection with HOTS (Healing on the Streets) moving the Churches out on the streets in Bath to demonstrate God’s love and healing. As a pioneer, Paul not only established the Healing On The Streets (HOTS) team that met in Bath Abbey Square each week, to invite members of the public to receive prayer for supernatural healing, but also trained, equipped and fathered teams locally, nationally and internationally. Subsequently, there have been countless healings, spiritual encounters and salvations on the streets, through HOTS and their mission trips.

Paul is now part of the David and Faith Dalley’s ‘Encountering the Father’s Love’ team in Bath and has pioneered the regular Bath refreshing days.

Paul is a healing revivalist with a prophetic edge which flows out of a relationship with the Father. His passion is to promote healing as a daily lifestyle for every believer, through demonstration, training and equipping.