Peter Jackson – Keeping It Real Part 1

“Keeping it real” with Peter Jackson
Friday 18th  –  Saturday 19th  –  Sunday 20th November 2016

It is a great pleasure to have Peter with us again. We have known Peter for many years and we love his ministry and the way that God uses him. We have always found the times he has been with us have brought breakthrough and freedom in so many ways; enabling God’s people to walk in their true identity as sons and daughters and coming out of shame into a place of honour.

Peter and Heather Jackson were the founding directors of the Catch The Fire School of Ministry (SOM) in 1995, as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was beginning to spread worldwide. Their vision for the SOM came from many years of experience teaching and directing ministry schools with Daystar Ministries and Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

For more than thirty years now, they have been privileged to impart the revelation of the Father’s love and Sonship in churches, conferences and encounter retreats all over the world.