Monday 30th November – Andrew Baddeley – Let your hearts burn

Friday 27th November – Richard Atkinson – Blessed are the peacemakers

Thursday 26th November – Carolyn Powell – Devoted to you

Wednesday 25th November – George Powell – Psalm 121

Tuesday 24th November – Helen Baddeley – Are there limits to God’s power and love in my life?

Monday 23rd November – Andrew Baddeley – The power of Testimony

Thursday 19th November – Alistair Angus – Whose son are you? Whose daughter are you?

Wednesday 18th November – Caroline Watkins – You make me brave

Tuesday 17th November – Andrew Baddeley – Show me Your Glory

Monday 16th November – George Powell – Ephesians 4:23-24

Friday 13th November – Mike Beecham – Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred

Thursday 12th November – Janice Rodgers – The Faithfulnes of God

Wednesday 11th November – Clive Jackson – Luke 19:41

Tuesday 10th November – Simon Venn – Walking on Water

Monday 9th November – Andrew Baddeley – Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ

Friday 6th November – Helen Baddeley – It’s time to put your life back in the hands of The Potter

Thursday 5th November – Andrew Baddeley – I am the Lord Who heals you

Wednesday 4th November – Richard Atkinson – Wear your own amour

Tuesday 3rd November – George Powell – Fix your eyes on Jesus

Monday 2nd November – Andrew Baddeley – The Lord is my Shepherd