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Friday 30th October – Alistair Angus – The Veil

Thursday 29th October – Caroline Watkins – Enjoyment, pleasure and the pursuit of happiness!

Wednesday 28th October – Helen Beecham – Believing the Truth

Tuesday 27th October – Andrew Baddeley – God is interested in your heart

Monday 26th October – George Powell

Friday 23rd October – Andrew Baddeley – Artesian Wells and the True Vine – for last Sunday’s PDF click here for the Audio click here

Thursday 22nd October – Helen Baddeley

Wednesday 21st October – Richard Atkinson

Tuesday 20th October – Alistair Angus – Gentle and Lowly

Monday 19th October – George Powell

Friday 16th October – Caroline Watkins

Thursday 15th October – Andrew Baddeley – Humility

Wednesday 14th October – George Powell – God is Good – for George’s preach (audio and PDF) click here

Tuesday 13th October – Mike Beecham – We are a temple

Monday 12th October – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 9th October – Simon Baddeley – Weekly Prophetic roundup

Friday 9th October – Steve Scott – God is looking for Holiness

Thursday 8th October – Janice Rodgers

Wednesday 7th October – George Powell

Tuesday 6th October – Simon Venn – The Man from Baalshalisha

Monday 5th October – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 2nd October – Simon Baddeley – Weekly Prophetic roundup

Thursday 1st October – Helen Beecham