Sunday Mornings – live-streaming 10:30 on our Facebook page:

Weekday mornings – a short devotional to get the day started on our Facebook page, or you can listen again here or read them here.

Sanctuary live-streaming information – To access any of our sessions please go to our Facebook page

Prophetic encouragement: Sign up for a zoom prophetic word with our team – email (we have limited space each week so we will let you know when yours will be).

Every week day – live worship & prayer: Join us every morning, along with a variety of wonderful worship leaders for an opportunity to sit at His feet and to give Him your all. (whilst this is live you can access it at any time)

Prayer Requests: Please keep sending in your prayer requests (these remain confidential).

Every Friday morning – Prophetic envisioning: This is a live weekly catch up on what the Lord is saying for this season, and will include prophetic encouragement for the times in front of us. We also want to help you navigate your own revelation and prophetic journey, and believe this will help guide you as we run this journey together to pursue heavens strategies. These are also available as audio files as part of our Lockdown Season Resources here (NB they appear in date order.)

Every Wednesday evening – Bible study: We have an interactive Bible study with Simon every Wednesday evening over zoom. If you would like to be involved please email and we will send you more details of how to get stuck in. It’s a great opportunity, not just to have some discussions and teaching, but also a chance to connect visually, audibly and actually have a conversation with people that the current situation prevents.

Every week day evening – The Bible: Cover to cover: Sit and listen to the Bible being read out aloud by some of our lovely friends

We are also streaming the School of the Prophets on the first Sunday of the month – again see the Sanctuary Facebook page – link below.

Some of the School of the Prophet sessions will also be available as an audio file here.

The best way to stay in touch with what is happening in the Sanctuary is to:
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