Below are links for the Lockdown Season Devotionals as PDFs. Click on the names to open the PDF. (Please note we had a two week summer break between 17th – 28th August)

Monday 28th September – George Powell

Friday 25th September – Simon Baddeley – Weekly Prophetic Roundup

Thursday 24th September – Mike Beecham – Wonder is the basis of Worship

Wednesday 23rd September – Simon Venn – The Word Became Flesh

Tuesday 22nd September – Richard Atkinson

Monday 21st September – George Powell

Friday 18th September – Simon Baddeley – Weekly Prophetic Roundup

Thursday 17th September – Janice Rodgers

Wednesday 16th September – Caroline Watkins

Tuesday 15th September – Andrew Baddeley

Monday 14th September – George Powell

Friday 11th September – Simon Baddeley Weeking Prophetic Envisioning

Thursday 10th September – Janice Rodgers

Wednesday 9th September – Simon Baddeley

Tuesday 8th September – George Powell

Monday 7th September – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 14th August – Mike Beecham

Thursday 13th August – Andrew Baddeley

Wednesday 12th August – Caroline Watkins

Tuesday 11th August – Simon Baddeley

Monday 10th August – George Powell

Friday 7th August – George Powell

Thursday 6th August – Steve Scott

Wednesday 5th August – Simon Venn

Tuesday 4th August – Andrew Baddeley

Monday 3rd August – Simon Baddeley

Thursday 30th July – Richard Atkinson

Wednesday 29th July – Andrew Baddeley

Tuesday 28th July – George Powell

Monday 27th July – Simon Baddeley

Friday 24th July – Janice Rodgers

Thursday 23rd July – Caroline Watkins

Wednesday 22nd July – George Powell

Tuesday 21st July – Simon Baddeley

Monday 20th July – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 17th July – Mike Beecham – Available

Thursday 16th July – Steve Scott

Wednesday 15th July – Simon Baddeley – The Church has left the building

Tuesday 14th July – George Powell

Monday 13th July – George Powell

Friday 10th July – Carolyn Powell

Thursday 9th July – Richard Atkinson

Wednesday 8th July – Simon Baddeley

Tuesday 7th July – George Powell

Monday 6th July – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 3rd July – George Powell

Thursday 2nd July – Caroline Watkins

Wednesday 1st July – Simon Baddeley

Tuesday 30th June – Simon Venn – Deep Cleaning

Monday 29th June – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 26th June – Mike Beecham

Thursday 25th June – Simon Baddeley

Wednesday 24th June – George Powell

Tuesday 23rd June – Andrew Baddeley – Standing on our Authority

Monday 22nd June – George Powell

Friday 19th June – Janice Rodgers

Thursday 18th June – Andrew Baddeley – There is a river

Wednesday 17th June – George Powell

Tuesday 16th June – Steve Scott

Monday 15th June – Simon Baddeley

Friday 12th June – Andrew Baddeley

Thursday 11th June – Caroline Watkins

Wednesday 10th June – Andrew Baddeley

Tuesday 9th June – George Powell

Monday 8th June – Simon Baddeley

Friday 5th June – Mike Beecham

Thursday 4th June – Simon Baddeley

Wednesday 3rd June – George Powell

Tuesday 2nd June – Clive Ozzard

Monday 1st June – Andrew Baddeley

Friday 29th May – George Powell

Thursday 28th May – Richard Atkinson

Wednesday 27th May – Andrew Baddeley

Tuesday 26th May – Simon Venn

Monday 25th May – Simon Baddeley

Friday 22nd May – Steve Scott

Thursday 21st May – Andrew Baddeley

Wednesday 20th May – George Powell

Tuesday 19th May – Janice Rodgers

Monday 18th May – Simon Baddeley

Friday 15th May – George Powell

Thursday 14th May – Caroline Watkins

Wednesday 13th May – Simon Baddeley

Tuesday 12th May – Richard Atkinson

Monday 11th May – Andrew Baddeley

Thursday 7th May – Clive Ozzard

Wednesday 6th May – Andrew Baddeley

Tuesday 5th May – Simon Baddeley

Monday 4th May – George Powell